Jahreszeiten Verlages Deutschland

Jahreszeiten Verlages DeutschlandIn turbulent, often difficult times, we want to give you joy and distraction and provide inspiration beyond today's demanding everyday life.

Maybe we also inspire our advertisers?

Our leading premium and lifestyle magazines report on all the beautiful things that make life worth living, relaxed, varied, and enjoyable. We have put together highlights from our magazines for you, which are particularly inspiring and stimulating these days, which most of us spend in our own four walls.

We would like to start with the selection we have put together for you with highlights from our culinary magazines. Cornelia Poletto gives exclusive recipe tips, DER FEINSCHMECKER invites you to a daily Facetime interview with Germany's top chefs and from LAFER magazine you get Yvonne Willick's tips for spring cleaning - "but please do it systematically!"